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  • Pavix CCC100


    Permanent Protection for Concrete and Stone

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    Pavix CCC100 is a unique, non-toxic impregnate that gives permanent and ultimate waterproof protection to large scale concrete and other cementitious surfaces against moisture associated problems. Without changing the colour of the surface, it seals and protects hairline and thermal cracks (up to 1.4mm) and is ideal for the protection of new, old and previously treated horizontal and vertical surfaces. Pavix CCC100 will protect structures such as bridges, multi-storey car parks, coastal defences and stadiums, from water, freeze/thaw, chloride, sulphate ions, corrosive salts, jet fuel, oil and chemicals from acids and caustics. It is also a highly cost-effective treatment for airport runways, aircraft hard standings, taxiways and all highways structures.

    Pavix CCC100 provides a permanent, internal waterproofing and moisture blocking function. It will reduce Alkali Silica Reactions (ASR), thus preventing silica dusting, and increase concrete hardness.


    Pavix CCC100 is non toxic, non hazardous, water-based and ready to use. This hydrophobic impregnate penetrates pores and capillaries within the cementitious surface and hygroscopically forms strong, tightly bonded, insoluble crystals that permanently inhibit the ingress of moisture while still remaining vapour permeable.

    Requiring a single application, Pavix CCC100 is quick and easy to use and gives permanent and economical protection.

    Pavix CCC100 conforms to the Highways Agency Design Manual for Roads and Bridges BD43/03, EN1766/2000 and EN13580.

    Dantex Limited are the UK importers and distributors of Pavix CCC100 which is manufactured by International Chem-Crete, INC. To view the manufacturers product brochure, please click here.

    • Non-toxic
    • Permanent protection
    • Single application
    • Water-based
    • Does not change surface appearance
    • No waste
    • Quick, easy and economic to use
    • Conforms to BD43/03
    • EN1766/2000 and EN13580 compliant
    • Suitable for traffic bearing surfaces