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    The right choice of product will help you safeguard the future of your clients’ assets and extend their service life.
    Many of our products have BBA HAPAS approval.

    Avoid expensive concrete corrosion remedial work through the correct concrete impregnation treatment. Guard against costly, disruptive resurfacing with the right road and airfield surface protection treatment. Make lasting, high quality repairs that minimise asset downtime and reduce risks to users.

    With Dantex the difference is clear:

    Quality products – avoid the cost and disruption of repeated, inferior repairs
    Wide choice – independence means you get the products you actually need
    Easy ordering – same-day processing and products often delivered within 24 hours
    The right product – speed and ease of application help you keep to contracts
    Best value – our systems and solutions ensure whole-life cost effectiveness
    Specialist application – trust our recommended contractors to finish the job
    Expert training – get more from your workforce with the option of full training

    Products to Repair

    Joint Sealant N1 and N2
    Maxi-Crete 20 and 40 (concrete)
    Maxi-Crete F20 and F40 (asphalt)
    Maxi-Flex 50 and 100
    PEP-Coat 2010
    Ultra-Seal 45 and 60

    Products to Restore and Protect

    Hydrophobic BridgeGuard
    Nu-Cryl AG
    Nu-Cryl WRS Extra (Protection for pedestrian walkways. Call us for more information)
    Nu-Guard AC (Anti-carbonation treatment. Call us for more information)
    Pavix CCC100
    Repel WB40

    Products to Clean

    Guardian ET-ECO
    Pave-Clean (External gum and stain remover. Call us for more information)

    “Joint Sealant N1 & N2 are top quality and fast curing. Perfect for short downtime airfield maintenance.”
    Ian Jones, Director, Allied Infrastructure Limited.