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    Dantex has an extensive selection of high quality equipment available for hire or purchase.


    Featuring full-improved safety specifications, state of-of-the-art temperature regulating electronics, full hydraulic driven and maximum insulation to reduce energy waste. LPG or Oil fired. Built to suit clients needs from 1 tonne to 3 tonne capacity. Suitable for a wide range of hot pour sealants and concrete repair materials such as over-band sealants, bridge-joint binders, screeds, asphalt patching materials and most other highway and airfield sealants. Please let us know your requirements and we will design and build you a mixer to meet your demands.



    We manufacture a full range of sealant application equipment.

    Crack Chasers

    The RK-10 is designed for dressing cracks in asphalt and concrete prior to sealing. The rear wheels are mounted on a steering pivot to ensure greater manoeuvrability and allows the machine to follow the crack more easily. The machine uses 180mm tuck point blades for dry cutting up to a depth of 40mm. The RK-10 can also be used with V-shaped crack chasers as well as knotted wire brushes for cleaning the joints.

    For Crack Chaser specification please download the PDF

    Road and Pavement Surface Driers

    Dantex offers a range of manually operated and vehicle mounted hot compressed air (HCA) equipment, for drying and surface preparation and for line removal. Choosing the correct equipment will depend on what type of work you want it to do, and how much at a time.
    Standard models include 300mm and 450mm lorry mountable drier heads, a 300mm pedestrian operated drier head on trolley wheels, and a 200mm pedestrian operated jet drier. Also available is the single jet, hand held lance and kit.

    Hand-Held Surface Lance

    This small, light hand-held air assisted surface drier is the ultimate solution to quick and efficient surface preparation prior to application of road markings. The lance will dry a wider surface area than the solely gas- powered burner drier and offers a versatile operating experience and side to side movement. It is ideal for wider area surface preparation prior to application of anti skid materials, for example.
    With direct connection to both propane and compressed air supplies, this drier has no need for a mixer box, and is available with both 8m and 16m supply hose options, to provide optimum mobility and coverage range from the gas and air supply.

    The HCA lance kit (shown here is the kit for use overseas) is one of our range of compressed air powered lances and driers available.

    Lance Drier


    Our HCA drying equipment uses a mixture of propane gas and compressed air. The equipment is used for surface preparation, for drying road surfaces prior to application of new road markings, for drying and cleaning of joints before sealing and for retexturing road surfaces.
    The 200mm jet drier (above) has full width drying with a concentrated central jet, specifically designed for joint preparation.

    All models are constructed from high performance metals that allow combustion at temperatures of approximately 2200oC. In the case of the pedestrian operated driers, these are supplied either as individual units or as a complete kit ready for use with mixing chamber, regulating valves, hoses, connections and starter box. Initial ignition is from the integral spark plug.

    Jet Surface Drier


    Hot Dog Surface Drier


    Our Clients Say

    "The people at Dantex have thorough technical knowledge, which we find a great support. Plus they are always there at the end of the phone to advise and suggest solutions."

    Mark Moody, Contracts Manager, Eurovia - Joint Sealing Division
    "Their industry expertise and experience means Dantex can, and do, offer exactly what Allied's clients need. Their customer service and their products are consistently 100% reliable. Dantex always looks to source top quality materials - what they can't find they make thus ensuring high standards."

    Ian Jones, Director, Allied Infrastructure Limited.
    "Right first time every time, and best value, why would you want to use others?"

    Senior Manager, Airports Colas Ltd.
    "Using Maxi-Crete saves us time… and enables us to use our maintenance budget more effectively"

    Senior Engineer BAA Gatwick Airport
    "Maxi-Crete is in my mind the best concrete repair system available. Speed of application, very fast curing times and ease of use makes Maxi-Crete a sure winner for us"

    Matthew Pert, MD Route One Highways Ltd.
    "We have been using Chem-Crete Pavix CCC100 supplied by Dantex Ltd on a major multi story car-park in London. The service and support we get from Dantex is fantastic. The materials are always on-site when we need them saving us both time and money, highly recommended"

    Tim Whittaker, Director Matrix Solutions UK Ltd.